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Rainbow Railroad
Pride 2023 Awareness Campaign
Creative Development
Live Action Production

Rainbow Railroad is a global not-for-profit organization that helps at-risk LGTBQI+ people get to safety worldwide. In 2022, Rainbow Railroad received almost 10,000 requests for help – an overwhelming and record number – and supported more individuals than any year in our organization's history.

One of those individuals was Olivia. Olivia is a trans woman from Nigeria who fled to Turkey after facing violence in her community. In Turkey, she continued to face persecution for her identity, so in 2021, she reached out to Rainbow Railroad for help.

Often, these travel plans happen quickly and are emergent. With only a few days' notice, our team worked with Rainbow Railroad to structure a story that could be told quickly and captured as soon as Olivia arrived in Canada.

Olivia arrived in Canada amid Pride 2023, and this film was used to celebrate the aid that Rainbow Railroad has been able to provide, being shown at the Freedom Party Toronto event alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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