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With You For Life

The Kidney Foundation of Canada
2023 PSA Campaign
Creative Development
Live Action Production

We partnered with The Kidney Foundation of Canada to create a brand film that would drive awareness and donations that was Inspired By True Events. (link to video)

The foundation wanted an emotionally driven film that would serve as an anthem for people currently dealing with kidney disease but also something that the general public could resonate with.

Kidney disease is different for everyone, so without being too specific, we strategically developed the film to show moments in the life of someone living their post-transplant life while dealing with the varying emotions, symptoms and moments that come with the different stages of renal failure.

There is no cure for kidney disease, and it’s different for everyone.

The story in this film is to help reinforce the message that while kidney disease is with you for life, so is the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

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